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Crowdfunding: A Guidebook for Entrepreneurs on How to Restart During COVID-19

[Metro Manila, September 2020] — Patch Dulay, the Founder and CEO of The Spark Project, set up a crowdfunding campaign and is raising funds to bring his book, Respark, to life. This book is all about how creative and social enterprises can adapt their businesses in this new COVID economy. 

To bring this book to life, Patch spoke to seven amazing people who he thinks can best guide its readers through each stage of re-sparking their businesses. He has collected stories, experiences, and countless learnings from his colleagues and his community.“Through all those things in the past months, there was so much reflection and learning, and I just feel that I can’t just keep these all to myself. These things that I’ve learned are so valuable, it’s sad if these just end with me,” said Patch. 

The Respark book will initially be offered exclusively through the ongoing crowdfunding campaign at The Spark Project – Patch’s own enterprise that serves as the only Philippine-based crowdfunding platform for creative and social entrepreneurs. 

Project backers will not only receive digital or paperback copies of the book, but they will also have the option to receive creative kits created in collaboration with Gouache Waxed Canvas Bags, as well as Crowdfunding related tools created by The Spark Project. The money earned from this campaign will go to the printing and production of the book, and the manufacturing of the rewards. It will also help pay for the talent behind the creative process of making this book.

This crowdfunding campaign is also the launching of a new program of The Spark Project called Spark Books. This program aims to help authors and content creators who want to successfully publish their work. 

With the help of the project backers, Patch aims to reach as many entrepreneurs as he possibly can.  ”I hope it could be that encouraging nudge or that guiding light that we all need during this time. It’s also a good reminder that we are not alone. Just like many creative conscious entrepreneurs out there, we can respark our business and create a better normal for ourselves.”

The final edits and proofreading will be done by the end of September, and the delivery of all of the rewards will be done in November and December of this year.

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